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Core Themes™

Career Counseling & Assessment

“Core Themes™—those unique values, needs and interests that define you personally and professionally”


Core Themes™ is a proven, comprehensive four-stage methodology that has helped hundreds of people discover their true purpose and meaning in their lives and careers.

Work is a reality for most of us; however, many of us “fall into” our careers and years later wake up wondering how we got there. We may have achieved success but not true happiness and fulfillment. We long to find true passion and purpose in our lives but is such a transformation realistic or even possible? The answer is yes, by discovering and living our Core Themes™.

Why Core Themes™ IS Different from other career counseling programs-- In-Depth Methodology

Unlike most other career counseling packages, Core Themes™ is a comprehensive, in-depth examination of you and what makes you tick, both professionally and personally. It is a life-changing process. We use 12 plus carefully selected tests, surveys and questionnaires to help you better understand yourself. On average, a client can expect to spend up to 35 hours over an 8-10 week period.

Phase 1

A personal and professional examination: The key objective of Phase 1 is to help you know and understand yourself at a deeper level than you now do. Phase 1 consists of two critical building blocks that provide the foundation for identifying your CoreThemes™


Building Block 1: We believe that each person is unique, and therefore, their personal history is unique. Each client’s personal history is recorded in great detail. We believe that the early years, your foundation, often provide important clues to helping you discover how you got to be the person you are today.


Building Block 2: The second component to Phase 1 includes a comprehensive assessment. You are administered approximately 12 different tests, questionnaires and various instruments designed to examine you from several perspectives. A thorough analysis and discussion of the assessment findings provides more insight into your key areas of strength, personally and professionally. At the conclusion of Phase 1, we now have a volume of data both objective and subjective covering nearly every aspect of your life and career. The formal assessment has provided objective data as to your strengths and limitations. The foundation for the work ahead has been formed.

Phase 2

Going deeper — written exercises: The exercises are designed to have you reflect on what you value most in your life. They require you to seriously examine two of life’s most important questions. The responses to these questions form the basis for discovering and defining your CoreThemes™. During these exercises, we ask you to put aside your practical concerns and think about your life free of the everyday realities.

Phase 3

Discovering your unique CoreThemes™: Now that we have done an exhaustive examination of what you believe are the critical and important elements of your life and have an objective assessment of your personality, abilities, interests, emotional Intelligence, underlying needs and your acquired knowledge and experience, we are ready to create the first draft of your CoreThemes™. Generally, it takes several drafts to come up with your actual CoreThemes™. At the culmination of stage 3, you now have your “unique roadmap” to guide you in making the best decisions in your life and career.

Phase 4

The Plan: Knowing your CoreThemes™ doesn’t always immediately get you to where you want to go. You need a realistic plan, a sound strategy and the ability to execute if you expect to find true purpose and meaning in your life and career.

Time involved in Phase 4: Approximately two meetings lasting two hours each over a period of one to two weeks. Additional meetings are scheduled as needed to provide guidance and direction and to evaluate your progress in carrying out your plan.

Result: A practical plan and strategy giving you confidence and direction to go forward to fulfill your CoreThemes™.

Are You a Core Themes™ Candidate?

There are two types of motivation in the work you perform:

1. Work as a “means to an end”—the paycheck pays the bills, allows one to have a preferred lifestyle, feeds the dog, put the kids through college etc.

2. Work must have meaning and purpose beyond “making a living"

If you choose #2 but no longer feel energized by your work, then you may be a prime candidate for the Core Themes™ program.

My Approach to Therapy

My approach to therapy is primarily informed by insight-oriented, cognitive behavioral, and relational theories. I practice from an integrative perspective, which in therapy translates into striving to thoroughly understand and learn about the factors and experiences that may lead to a client's current challenges combined with individualized strategies to help manage the subsequent stressors. Some of the interventions my clients report as most helpful include behavioral and strengths based approaches, in addition to mindfulness, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

 I value collaborating with clients and strategizing ways to resolve issues related to transitions with more confidence and ease, with the goal of helping clients live a more valued life with decreased stress. I have extensive experience and interest in working with clients from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. You will find that my therapeutic style incorporates warmth, humor, and compassion.

My Approach
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